Day Trip out of Seoul ~ Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm (대관령 양떼목장)

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm (대관령 양떼목장)
Address: 483-32, Daegwallyeongmaru-gil, Daegwannyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do 강원도 평창군 대관령면 대관령마루길 483-32
Telephone: 033-335-1966
Admission Fees: Adults: 4,000 won / Group: 3,500 wonYouths & Children (Ages 6-19): 3,500 won / Group: 3,000 won
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 Last admission : 1hr before closing
* May-August: 09:00-18:00

How to get there: From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon subway station), take the bus bound for Hoenggye (횡계). The stop is at a tiny bus station beside the GS petrol station.
Bus timings back to Seoul
This is one of those places where I hesitate to recommend, because of the bad experience we had. However I think we ought to share this so that others can be wary of it! 
We had hand-made noodles for lunch at the only restaurant available beside the bus station. The grandmother at the restaurant asked us why we are there, and warned us of the expensive taxi fares to the sheep farm. The farm is accessible by car or taxi only, and we read online that the taxi fare is about 9,000krw. For such a price I'll expect the journey to be rather long, but guess what! We reached within 5 minutes! 

There is a taxi queue opposite the bus station, and from there we met the taxi driver. I asked the taxi driver if he can charge by meter, and he willingly agreed and said it'll cost about 9,000krw. We boarded the taxi unsuspectingly since it was the price that people mentioned online.
Photo of the taxi we took, parked outside the farm
On the way there, the taxi driver pointed out the windmills to us, and while we were excitedly taking photos of the windmills, we arrived at the destination in less than 5 minutes (according to the timing of my photos taken), and boom! The taxi fare went up to 9,000krw. We were shocked at the price since 9,000krw for a ride in Seoul takes about 20 minutes! We paid, the taxi driver then passed us his namecard saying that that's the only way back to the bus station. Have we been scammed? We were not sure since we didn't have any evidence. 
On our way out, we stopped at the ticketing office and asked them how we can get back to the bus station. And guess what they told us? The taxi fare is about the same no matter which taxi you take. Wow! I was certain that the taxi meters have been modified, and I was determined to solve the mystery. Since we had no other choice, we called the same taxi driver again. This time, I decided to video record the meter to see how fast the meter increases. I swear that the meter slowed down when the driver caught me recording, and the taxi fare was cheaper than the first ride, when the distance was slightly further! Sighs! To think that tourists do get scammed in certain parts of my favourite country!

Anyway, the 3 of us decided that since we are tourists we will just let it go, sharing the taxi fare is not expensive too. 

Back to the happier memories ~ 
The sheep there are super cute and you can buy feed to feed them!
We all had our sheep biases and kept feeding them only! Haha!
I'm sorry to be teasing the sheep with food, but they are so adorable!
Remember to wash your hands after feeding the sheep!
Outside the feeding area, the sheep roam on the wide grasslands! The skies were perfect that day!
Resting area for the tired traveller

The day was weather perfect for the picturesque farm, and other than the incident with the taxi, we had a really enjoyable time feeding and taking photos with the sheep! The travel time to Hoenggye takes more than 2 hours though. You may want to bring some food for a nice picnic at the farm, and enjoy your day in the beautiful outdoors!


  1. Hi! Do you think its possible to visit the sheep farm during winter?

    1. Hi, the sheep farm is open all year round. However the sheep grazing period is from April to late October, so you may not be able to find the sheep outdoors during winter.

  2. Hey I've always wanted to go here. I was wondering since you mentioned it only took you 5 mins by taxi to get to the farm, is it possible to just walk back to Hoenggye Bus Terminal?

    1. Hi Kathy, apologies for the late response and happy new year to you! I did a google map search and there's no walking route available! ( The cab travelled via the expressway as well so I think it may not be possible to walk there.

  3. Hi,

    May I know whether Dong Seoul Bus Terminal is at(Gangbyeon subway station)? Afterwhich, take a bus bound for Hoenggye (횡계)? Do I have to walk after alighting?


    1. Hi shermaine, yes dong seoul bus terminal is at gangbyeon subway station. Take a bus bound for hoenggye, and when you reach you need to take a cab to the farm. There will be cabs near the station.

  4. Are Daegwallyeong Sheep FARM and Daegwallyeong SKY RANCH two different places? If yes, how far is this from each other?

    1. Hi! Yes they are different places. It's about 26mins away by car (13.2km), and taxi fare is approximately 22,000krw :)

  5. Hi,

    How are you doing? I would like to ask some questions.

    If I were to go to Sheep Farm in April, will I be able to see the sheep grazing the farm? Because I read in some blog, they said that April is for fur trimming. Do you happen to know anything about it? And another thing is, in your opinion, which one of the farm is worth visiting? The Sheep Farm of the Sky Ranch? Thank you for answering. ^__^

    1. Hi! Unfortunately I'm not sure about whether the sheep will have their furs trimmed in April.. If you love landscapes I'll recommend sky ranch! I love the view from the top of the hills, looking over the east sea!!

  6. Hi,

    I want to ask you few more things about this place.

    I recently checked the Korea Tourism site and it said the operation of the ranch is closed for now. Thus, I'm planning to go to the Sky Ranch. Do you think the taxi fare will still be around 22000W as you said in the comment box or could it be lower?

    Second, when we want to purchase the bus ticket, can we purchase the round trip ticket instead of one way ticket? Will the fare be lower if its a round trip ticket or not?

    Thirdly, do you happen to know whether the locals around there has a free shuttle bus services to go to the Alpensia Stadium? Or do you know the direction to go there? I'm interested in checking the preparation for Winter Olympics since they are currently having the test event.

    Hopefully I don't bother you much with my questions. Because you are among the few souls that published a blog about this place and I don't know where else I can find the information needed. >.<

    Thank you for answering. ^_^

    1. Hello! Don't worry I'm glad that I can help!!

      Based on daum net it is about 5km from hoenggye bus terminal to the sky ranch, about 9000krw.

      For buses, from my memory the prices are the same regardless of one way or return, hence I always buy when I reach the terminal so that i can catch the next bus (seats are assigned).

      I can't find a free shuttle bus to Alpensia (I'm assuming you are referring to the ski resort and not a stadium), but there's bus from hoenggye bus terminal or you can take the taxi. Use your browser translator to translate this page. there's some translation errors so it should be hoenggye bus terminal not yonggye. let me know if you need more help with this, I can email you instead. 😊

  7. Hello!

    Your blog is really helpful! Can I ask you how much the bus fare from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon subway station) to Hoenggye (횡계)? Thank you so much!

    1. Hello! Glad that the information is useful for you. It's 14,500krw when I took it 4 years ago 😊

  8. hello,
    thank you for the article above, really helpful and perhaps you can help me further;

    how long it takes from dong seoul to hoenggye bus station? according to google maps, i takes about 3 hours, is it right?
    an i'm planning to visit on mid-january next year, i'm wondering if this place is worth enough to visit. thank you. cheers, melisa

    1. Hi, yes it's about 3hours by bus. Jan will be very cold though!!